More people in hospital than in the first wave.
More people in intensive care than in the first wave.
More deaths each day than in the first wave.
An exhausted workforce of NHS heroes who had no time to recover from 2020.

The Royal Free Charity has stepped in to support frontline workers at Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

After the first wave, we worked closely with medical teams at our hospitals to identify where the need was likely to be greatest

We set out an ambitious plan to help.

And hundreds of you gave generously.

Please help us keep this vital support going. Donate today. It’s amazing what a difference it is making…

Funding what matters most

We’re supporting frontline NHS staff as they continue to fight the pandemic. Funds will always go wherever they are most needed to support staff, patients and ground-breaking research

How we are helping, right now, in our hospitals:

A new team of professionals are working in our hospitals, helping staff with their mental health and wellbeing so they can be at their best to care for patients.

We’ve also set up a new helpline and boosted the chaplaincy services.

So many staff are working additional, longer shifts. So many of them need to be on call. The last thing these dedicated professionals need to be worrying about is getting a good night’s sleep between shifts.

We are funding both the cost of local accommodation during this period and a new process to make it easy for staff to request this help.

It’s the simple things in life which can suffer the most when staff are working so hard. To make it easier for them to get meals without having to travel far or use up valuable rest time, we’ve set up a system where they can order hot meals 24/7 to their rest locations.

No queuing, no hanging around – just a proper meal at the end of a busy shift, no matter what time it is.

We are working hand in glove with our colleagues in the hospitals to ensure all staff, no matter their background, can benefit from the generosity of our supporters.

Right now, we have extra health and wellbeing projects for the staff who are at most risk of suffering physical or mental ill health during the pandemic, including the lowest-paid staff, staff from ethnic minorities and those staff who have underlying health conditions or are living with family members who are shielding.

Donate to the Royal Free Charity and help us keep this vital work going.