Losing a loved one is a most painful experience. We all have different ways of dealing with grief and loss, even after many years.

If you wish to make a donation in memory of someone who is no longer with us there are various ways you can do this:

  • Set up an In-memoriam donation page. Here you will be able to add photos, write about your loved one and choose to celebrate their life through supporting others. You can choose to support specific areas of speciality within the hospital and direct friends and family to the page where they can leave a message as well an in-memoriam donation,
  • Call and speak to us 020 7317 7772 to make a donation by credit card.
  • Make a donation on-line and choose the area you wish to support.
  • Send in an in-memoriam donation by post. Cheques should be made payable to ‘Royal Free Charity’ and sent to FREEPOST ROYAL FREE CHARITY. No additional address or stamp is required but we ask you to include a note with your contact details (to acknowledge receipt), the name for whom the in-memoriam donation is and the area of our work that you wish to support.
  • Organise a memorial event to carry on their memory, for example a golf tournament.