We oversee charitable expenditure of about £6m each year. We award between 40-60 grants each year under three themed areas: patient experience, staff, experience, and research and innovation.

Grants information

The Royal Free Charity is introducing a new process for small grant applications with themed grant calls and a clearer focus on outcomes and impact.

Applications in a thematic round will be assessed together, ensuring the pot of money available is used in the most strategic way. We want to support projects which closely align with the joint strategic priorities of the charity and the trust, so you should bear this in mind when drafting your proposal.

Applications for our third grants round, related to research, has now opened.  Click here for details

Grants 2022/23 timetable
Dates Theme Total fund available Notes
Q2 Staff experience – for projects that improve: the health and well-being of staff; the working environment; promote staff equity and engagement £50,000 Closed
Q3 Patient experience grants – for projects that improve: the patient journey; the hospital environment £50,000 Closed
Q4 Research grants – open call for small research projects £50,000 Further details to follow
Q3/4 Cancer and diabetes themed research grants call tbc Further details to follow


Please note, grants cannot be awarded to support:

• Any item or project that should be funded by the NHS of from a departmental budget
• An item or project that has already been purchased or completed (no retrospective funding)
• Payments to individuals
• Staff hospitality: meetings, travel, or entertainment expenses
• Any item or project that could be funded by an existing Special Purpose Fund
• We are not able to support individual L&D requests