We oversee charitable expenditure of about £4m each year. We award between 40-60 grants each year under two themed areas: patient experience and research. We also have opportunities to apply for one-off strategic grants. 

Annual grants rounds 2024/25


Patient Experience Grants 

Opening Monday 23 September 2024 – Friday 1 November 2024, 3pm 

The aims of this themed grant round are for projects that improve patient treatment and care and the services provided. This will lead to enhanced service delivery and clinical outcomes. A key factor needs to be patient involvement through engagement in the identified projects. Projects may include use of innovative equipment and/or a new initiative. £40,000 is available with bids allowed up to £10,000. 


Opening Autumn 2024

The scheme aims to provide support to researchers to undertake proof of concept studies or generate the pilot data for larger grant applications, develop a new cross-disciplinary collaboration or support innovative early-stage research. Research grants can include any relevant biomedical research that is aligned with the trust’s clinical priorities. £40,000 is available with bids allowed up to £10,000. 

23/24 research round outcomes will be announced by June 24.

Strategic grants rounds 23/24

Cancer Awareness & Symptoms – tackling health inequalities in NCL grant 

Outcomes will be announced by March 24 

Cancer research grant

Outcomes will be announced by March 2024


If you have any questions, please contact the grants team: [email protected]