Please follow the steps below to ensure your claim is processed efficiently:

1 Prepare your claim – please ensure you have all the following:

If your claim is via receipt: 
Are your receipts itemised, VAT receipts?
Is all information visible? Are they clearly scanned?

If your claim is via invoice:
Are the invoices addressed to you at your trust address? If no, please return to the supplier and have them correct the invoice addressing it to your trust address.

Supporting documentation:
Do you have all the correct supporting documentation?

Payment request forms: Do you have the fund number listed?
Has the signatory of the fund signed the form?

If the answer is no for any of the above, please contact [email protected] for assistance.

2 Send us your claim

Please send one email with all relevant documentation attached to [email protected] with the subject heading “Fund xxx – (insert reason for payment).” E.g., Fund 109 – conference expenses.

3 We will review and make payment

The SPF team will review your claim, ensuring all supporting documentation is attached and the reason for the claim aligns with the purpose of the fund, is in line with the guidance and complies with financial and HMRC requirements.

If all information is attached and correct, we will send to the finance team for payment. If information is missing or we have any questions, we will contact you for further information. This will delay your claim being processed.

Payment runs happen every two weeks at the charity. Once your claim has been sent through to finance, it can take up to four weeks to receive the funds in your account. Remittance advice will be sent to you, or the supplier (if by invoice) once payment has been made.