Whether it’s funding ground-breaking research into new treatments for major diseases or the work of the complementary therapy service to provide massages for patients and hard-pressed staff, the charity is a lynchpin of support for the work of our three hospitals.

Research develops advanced treatments and finds techniques to make early diagnoses, but it will always be the small acts of kindness which are particularly noticeable when we are at our lowest and most vulnerable. Our volunteers are dedicated, caring individuals who understand what patients are going through as they themselves have often been a patient. They understand the value of a cup of tea, a newspaper or a friendly ear, just as much as they understand the fear of what results might say and the anxieties of prescribed treatments.

Our ambition

Helping patients have the best experience possible while receiving their medical care is really important to us. While we are not directly involved with patient treatment, we support patients during their journey in various ways such as massage therapy and companions for dementia patients.

Sometimes this means providing clear information, on others it means providing funds to improve facilities or train a volunteer to provide a listening ear. Every patient has different needs and we aim to make each patient feel as cared for as they would be by a friend or relative. We respect their private time and feelings and help them to cope with their condition.

By funding research we help find the treatments of the future. We also buy new equipment so that our hospitals can provide faster or more advanced treatments, meaning better outcomes for patients.