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Meet Barry Snelgrove and find out how the Royal Free Charity has transformed his hospital visits.

“I have colorectal cancer that has metastasized to my liver. And that’s what has brought me to treatment at the Royal Free London. I’m at Chase Farm Hospital fortnightly for a few hours for my infusion. It sounds ridiculous to say but I look forward to coming.”

Every day, patients like Barry undergo treatment that can be challenging and difficult to get through, whether it’s starting chemotherapy for cancer, recovering from life-changing serious injury or facing financial worries due to time off work. Hospital visits can be frightening and very stressful. That’s why our service teams are so vital.
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Barry’s walk through our services…


Volunteer services

Friendly faces and a helping hand

“There’s always a volunteer coming around saying, ‘Would you like a cup of coffee or a cup of tea? Anything I can get for you?’ They also support the very busy nursing staff on the ward, doing admin like calling patients and sending letters. I didn’t realise the charity were doing this!”



Complementary therapy services

Relaxation and pain relief

“I was amazed to receive massage therapy to ease the pins and needles I get from treatment. The more you can relax, the less pain you feel. Chemotherapy is quite a brutal treatment, and it has painful side effects that people like Fiona, my massage therapist, can help with.”


Support hub

Advice when it’s needed most

“I haven’t used the support hub myself, but it’s incredibly reassuring to walk past and know it’s there, just in case. I know that for some patients, their advice has been the difference between being able to cope financially or not.”


“Every single one of these vital Royal Free Charity services transforms patients’ lives, helping them both emotionally and physically. But they will only keep running with your support.” – Barry

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Royal Free Charity volunteers help more than


patients like Barry every month.

The complementary therapy team gives more than


massages a week, helping patients relax and cope with the side effects of their treatments.

The support hub is the


of its kind in a UK hospital and gives practical information and support to patients with long-term health conditions.

The difference you can make

could provide an hour of volunteer companionship for patients who need it. Hospital can be disorientating, overwhelming and frightening for many, including the elderly.


could provide a massage for a patient coping with the painful side effects of their treatment.


could help the support hub prevent a vulnerable patient from becoming homeless upon discharge, by giving advice on benefits, housing and wellbeing.

Today, you could help our volunteering and complementary therapy services and support hub make a real difference to our patients. Funds will always go where they are most needed to support staff, patients, and ground-breaking research, helping us go further, faster, for all.

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