We are not currently accepting applications for our summer programme.

Our young volunteers get valuable experience in a hospital environment, develop a lot of interpersonal skills and confidence in a workplace. They also meet other young people and interact with and connect with people in their wider community by volunteering in their local hospital.

Many of our volunteers are keen to pursue careers in the healthcare sector, while others want to give back to their local hospital. While volunteering with us, young volunteers have access to training and development opportunities provided by the hospital and the charity.

We offer a selection of defined roles for younger people across our three hospital sites. All of our roles are carefully risk assessed and a comprehensive induction is provided before a volunteer starts. They also receive supervision from our young volunteer coordinator who will be their main point of contact in the charity while they are volunteering.

We ask that our young volunteers:

  • Are a minimum age of 16 years old.
  • Are available and committed to volunteering for six months, coming in once a week for two hours (if 16-17 years old and in full time education), or three hours (18 and older).
  • Live locally to one of our hospitals (Camden, Barnet or Enfield resident).
Ward Helper

Our helpful volunteers provide companionship to patients who may be distressed, in pain or lonely. Through kindness and friendship volunteers might engage patients with a board game, conversation over a cup of tea or perhaps an activity you produce.

Dementia Companion

Often patients with dementia become withdrawn or become anonymous. The hospital experience can be particularly difficult to adjust to for a person with dementia and they can deteriorate quickly during their stay. A dementia companion is there to see the person, not just that patient with dementia. Volunteers are there to provide companionship with specialist tools, games and friendship. Volunteers are provided with dementia training before starting in this role.

SatNav Guide

SatNav Guides help lost, confused and anxious patients and visitors to find their destination. The role involves talking and listening to patients, being a companion, and essentially striving to provide a well-rounded service to all patients and visitors.

Fundraising Volunteer

As a volunteer fundraiser you will get involved with initiatives and events collecting funds to go towards items such as emergency care packs and slippers, massage therapy as well as cutting-edge research and equipment.