Three men sat with their arms around each other in front of a sign that says Royal Free Radio.

Lifetime achievement awards for three Royal Free Radio volunteers

“Winning a lifetime achievement award makes me very proud. I never set out to win awards, but being recognised, just for doing something I have always enjoyed doing is an incredible feeling,” said Colin, who has been a volunteer for 54 years.

Congratulations to three of our wonderful Royal Free Radio volunteers on their lifetime achievement awards from Enfield Council!

Joe Forster, Tom Delaney and Colin Dye were given the prestigious honour at a ceremony at the Enfield Civic Centre for their work broadcasting to Chase Farm, the Royal Free and North Middlesex hospitals.

Colin (right) has presented a programme since 1970 and hosted the very first show on the then-titled Radio Enfield.

Three men in smart attire, standing in a row, each of them wearing a medal.
Joe, Tom and Colin have over 100 years of combined voluntary service. Photo: Simon O’Connor

For 33 years, Tom (centre) has hosted a show on Royal Free Radio. He said: “We do what we do for the love of it, we don’t expect to get any awards for doing it.

“The reward is actually being privileged enough to work with radio and the colleagues who are with us. So to get the award as well is fab.”

Joe (left), who has been broadcasting for 44 years, said: “I told my children about the award and in that moment, I could see what it meant to them. They were proud of me because of something I’d achieved.

“I’m very pleased to have received the award but I’m more pleased that it has had an effect on other people, members of my family and members of the public who seem to take great delight in saying, ‘Wow, that’s amazing.’”

The awards recognise volunteers who have shown exceptionally long service in a volunteering role in Enfield.

Councillor Gina Needs, who handed out the awards, said: “It was an honour to meet such dedicated Enfield people. The award winners have gone above and beyond and continue to make a real difference to residents’ lives.”

Well done Joe, Tom and Colin on such a fantastic achievement!

Lead photo: Joe, Tom and Colin broadcast on Royal Free Radio every week