Donations of food and sundries to NHS staff on the front line

We are very grateful to have received several offers to donate food, bottled water and sundries such as hand cream and lip balm to those working in the frontline at our hospitals during this national crisis.

At this time, we are sadly unable to accept items that are not in bulk, by which we mean in commercially available quantities. This is partly due to infection control procedures and partly because the charity staff are now all working from home under national government guidance, so we are unable to manually sort through items to deliver them to the wards.

Individual members of the public who wish to help can do so by donating directly to our Covid emergency appeal. Funds from this appeal are spent on things like hot food and accommodation for staff working on the wards during this extraordinary time.



If you do have items to donate in commercially-available quantities, we would be delighted to receive the following sundries: hand creams, lip balms, bottled water, squash drinks and compression socks.

Chilled meals: produced and packaged by a commercial supplier.

If you are a business and would like to donate please follow the link below to our commercial donation form.



Please note, we can accept only donations that fulfil the following criteria:

  • factory sealed
  • from businesses
  • with an expiry date displayed
  • if prepared food, from a HACCP-certified kitchen (company/corporate kitchen with certificate)
  • more than 20 units.

For any queries, please email [email protected]