Illustration that demostrates the A&E Night Shift Challenge.

A&E Night Shift Challenge

No one wants to be in A&E but our local NHS teams provide exceptional care whenever someone needs them most. They do this even in the most difficult circumstances and around the clock, especially during the evenings. And the circumstances across the NHS are incredibly difficult this year.

The professionals in our A&Es and urgent treatment centres are there to care for us – when the worst DOES happen, we can depend on them. That’s why we are planning a number of improvements to help staff and patients when they are in the emergency department.

Why we are raising money for A&E

Telmo is an emergency department staff nurse. He works 12 hour shifts, day and night:

“It is a demanding job. In resus, you don’t walk so much because you’re staying with the patient but in other areas of the department you walk a lot. Sometimes I’m very tired after a shift. The secret to a good day is not coming in thinking this is going to be easy.”

Telmo Constantino, staff nurse, Royal Free Hospital

You can get involved in showing your support by taking on an A&E Night Shift Challenge dedicating an evening or nighttime activity for your emergency department.

We’ve come up with lots of fun ways you can raise funds for A&E. Whether it’s hosting a dinner party or a gaming streamathon, be sure to download our night shift fundraising ideas to help you get started!


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