The COVID-19 pandemic has wrought havoc, pain, and tragedy across our country and across the world.
As we enter the third year of the pandemic, our local hospitals need your support.


At times over the past two years, many people in and around the local hospitals we love have felt at breaking point.

With the Omicron variant causing uncertainty and worry for healthcare settings, our staff and patients wonder what’s about to hit them.

We see them.
We want to be there for them.
And now, with your help, there can finally be some good news.


This is an urgent appeal to support staff, patients and researchers at our local hospitals: Barnet Hospital, Chase Farm Hospital and the Royal Free Hospital.

Supporting our patients

When you support the Royal Free Charity’s urgent appeal today, your gift could help fund pioneering technological solutions in our hospitals which will mean patients can get in and out of hospital more quickly. More patients being helped more quickly will stop patients feeling they are at breaking point.


Supporting our frontline NHS staff

Our hospital staff tell us that the pandemic left many of them exhausted, burnt out and uncertain about what comes next. We’ve got used to calling them heroes but they urgently need your support to get through the challenges of the  winter – for their own health, and the health of their patients. Your gift today to the Royal Free Charity could help provide dedicated areas for frontline staff to have valuable respite time between busy shifts, and give them the support needed to stop them reaching breaking point.

Supporting our research community

People living with long Covid face breathing difficulties, sleep problems and a bewildering array of symptoms which leave them at breaking point. By supporting the Royal Free Charity’s urgent appeal, you could help relieve the pain and exhaustion by supporting pioneering research at the Royal Free London into long Covid, so that people struggling with this devastating long-term condition can get the support they need.

Supporting the Royal Free London

The Royal Free Charity supports the 10,000 staff of the Royal Free London and their 1.6 million patients across Barnet, Chase Farm and Royal Free hospitals and more than 30 services in the community. Funds raised from this appeal will be used to support our vital work at this extraordinary time for our hospitals, including the projects mentioned above.



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