Meet the team

The staff, trustees and patrons all have different roles but together drive the charity to be brave, inventive and imaginative about how we can transform the hospital experience.

Alain de Botton

Lord Bragg

Joseph Connolly

Simon Callow CBE

Dame Jenni Murray

I am proud to be a supporter of the Royal Free Charity and to support its work in helping improve patient care and the environment within the Royal Free Hospital. I had the best of treatment there for my broken humerus (not at all funny!) and, in times of great difficulty for the NHS, feel the charity is essential in ensuring all patients are as satisfied as I am.

Susie Orbach

Geoff Posner

Simon Weston CBE

Richard Wilson OBE

Becoming a supporter of the Royal Free Charity is my way of showing support for the hospital that has been my “local” for 55 years now and to help encourage the world- leading research that is going on there at present.

Jim Broadbent

It was absolute pleasure to visit the hospital and see first-hand the world leading research that is taking place at the Royal Free. I was amazed that in my local hospital life-changing research is happening on a daily basis.