Support Hub case study: Angela

Angela was referred to the Support Hub by one of her consultants at the Royal Free Hospital in May 2019.  She has multiple chronic conditions including osteoarthritis in many parts of her body and severe anxiety. These conditions affect her daily life and general wellbeing. The fact that much of her illness and pain are invisible make dealing with such processes even tougher. 

The hub helped Angela apply for her disability allowance (PIP) and appeal against a previous failed application.  The Support Hub’s welfare benefit adviser, Gabrielle, was essential in liaising with many of Angela’s Royal Free medical consultants to get the relevant supporting medical information, to help show her circumstances and back up her claim.  Her PIP was reviewed and was this time successful and backdated.  She was also awarded a Freedom Pass and a Blue Badge to help with travel to work and travel in London.

Angela said: “My experience with the hub was brilliant; it was a godsend to me.  I’ve really struggled in the last year with undergoing assessments, with referrals from consultants to explain my situation not really being understood or accepted by DWP.

“If it wasn’t for Gabrielle, I don’t think I would’ve coped. There was so much stress going on anyway, being unwell, and amongst many different consultants. When I went to a disability assessment, none of my health needs were considered.  Gabrielle liaised with all the consultants for all the medical information needed that would help me.

“I’ve had a lot of issues in my life, and I’ve not been able to connect with counsellors previously, so this had a massive impact for me.  I always used to feel that the door was shut. If it wasn’t for Gabrielle listening to me and helping me, pulling together all the medical information to make my case, I couldn’t have done it.

“All the volunteers and staff in the hub were so kind to me; it was often a place of respite I could go to.”