Radiation induced fibrosis treatment appeal

Cancer is one of the toughest diagnoses a person can face. The Royal Free London sees half of all referrals from the North Central London (NCL) area, and is the largest patient treatment centre for cancer in London.*

Major advances in treatment mean that people are increasingly able to survive the disease. However, the therapies patients receive throughout their treatment are themselves life-changing.

One third of people diagnosed with cancer receive radiotherapy to kill their cancer cells. One in every four to five patients who receive this treatment go on to develop a condition called radiation induced fibrosis. In serious cases, this is both debilitating and life-limiting. The skin becomes chronically tight and painful, meaning that talking, eating, and even drinking can become an enormous daily challenge.

Research has saved their life but has fallen short of supporting their recovery. Your support today will help to change this.

The research team at the Royal Free Hospital’s Charles Wolfson Centre for Reconstructive Surgery have discovered the first highly effective clinical treatment for radiation induced fibrosis, and with your help, they can take their treatment from bench to bedside as fast as possible  This will offer hope to all cancer survivors living with the daily impact of radiation induced fibrosis.

*NCL Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) operating plan submission 2021/22 and NCL data collected between April 2018-December 2021