Your hospital staff need rest spaces to reflect, recharge, and regroup.

Please donate now.

It’s been a year like no other for staff at Barnet, Chase Farm, and the Royal Free hospitals. They’ve risked so much to care for us throughout the pandemic. Now, it’s time to look ahead, to give them the space they need today, so they can deliver the life-saving care of tomorrow.

Long shifts. Difficult decisions. Heart-breaking conversations. The immense challenges of the past year have highlighted the need for a vital workplace amenity many of us take for granted – space away from the pressures of the job.

After 14 months on the frontline, our staff need physical space to prepare mentally for what’s next, process a tough day, and access support when they need it most.

The Royal Free Charity has already been at the forefront of providing new health and wellbeing areas. But we need your help to expand our provision to benefit all our hospital teams, so that everyone has somewhere to reflect, recuperate, and take stock.

Your support could help provide comfortable rest spaces for our healthcare professionals. You could help a nurse take a moment away from the ward to talk to one of our wellbeing experts and process a difficult day, or a doctor grab a healthy bite to eat and find a little headspace.

With your help, we can recognise the incredible contribution these staff have made throughout the pandemic, and empower them to come back stronger so they can continue to do what they do best – providing world-class care around the clock.

A little space really can make a huge difference.
Please donate today to change tomorrow.