A man and women in period drama costume, outside in front of a stately manor.

Opera for cancer fundraising

The Royal Free Hospital is leading a groundbreaking research study exploring the use of genomic profiling to treat neuroendocrine cancer.

Led by leading neuroendocrine specialist Professor Martyn Caplin, the study looks at why some cells within a patient are more aggressive, why they change their structure, and how they respond to treatment.

The aim is to increase understanding of which treatments work better on which patients.

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Miranda Filmer

This research is supported by the Miranda Filmer Fund, established by Antonia and Charles Filmer in memory of their daughter who died in June 2022. So far, they have raised almost £500,000 in memory of Miranda.

Tickets available for Don Giovanni by Regents Opera

On 14 and 15 June, the Filmer family is hosting a fundraising garden opera at their farm in North Wiltshire. Don Giovanni will be performed in the round by Regents Opera (main image). Tents, tables and chairs will be provided in the garden for picnics during the interval.




The zebra motif

Illustration of a zebra.The zebra motif both captures Miranda’s passion for horse-riding and alludes to the universal international symbol for rare diseases. Clinicians are often told, “when you hear the sound of hooves, think horses, not zebras.” They are urged to assume that the simplest explanation of a patient’s symptoms is correct to avoid misdiagnosing them with rare conditions. However, medical ‘zebras’ do exist, and it is important that clinicians equipped to diagnose and treat them when they occur.

The Miranda Filmer Fund.

Lead photo: Regents Opera production of Don Giovanni