Give in celebration

There is often more pleasure gained from giving than receiving. In life there are often occasions when we wish to celebrate but do not feel the need for material things but value our health and that of our loved ones.

If you are celebrating a special anniversary, birthday or even the birth of a child and would like to help others more vulnerable please let us know. Your support can be directed at specific areas of speciality at the hospital and a celebration on-line donation page can be set up where you can add photos and your story and share it with your friends and family.

Give As You Live

We have partnered with Give as You Live to help raise funds just by shopping. All you need to do is register, which will only take a few moments and chose to support The Royal Free Charity.

There are thousands of shops who have joined, including well known high street brands. You can just enjoy your usual shopping, including holidays, clothes, insurance, books, gardening and sports goods. Each time you shop online with participating stores a donation is made to your chosen charity.

Payroll giving

Giving through your payroll has the benefit of tax free giving for you and supporting the charity of your choice.

Payroll giving is a regular donation which you do not have to pay tax on. To set up payroll giving please contact us for our account details which you can then pass to your employer who will be able to arrange payroll giving.

Give shares

Giving shares to the Royal Free Charity might appeal to you as it is a simple way to contribute to patient care, research and purchasing of special equipment.

Please contact us so that we can discus with you what shares you have as we cannot accept shares held on some business sectors.

How it works

Donating shares to charity is one of the most tax-effective ways you can give money. By giving in this way, you won’t have to pay any capital gains tax on the shares you donate and you can claim income tax relief too. If you are a higher rate (40%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 40% of the value of the gift and if you are a highest rate (45%) taxpayer you will be able to claim income tax relief equal to 45% of the value of the gift.

In order to qualify for the tax relief, the shares or securities must be:

  • listed on the UK Stock Market or the Alternative Investment Market, or on a recognised stock exchange overseas
  • units in authorised unit trusts
  • shares in a UK open-ended investment company (OEIC)
  • holdings in certain foreign collective investment schemes.

You can claim tax relief equal to the market value of the shares on the day you make the gift, together with any associated costs such as brokers’ fees. Also, capital gains tax (CGT) on any increase in the value of the shares since you bought them will not apply. However, if your shares have gone down in value, you will not be able to use this loss to offset any other CGT liability you may have.

For example, if a donor gives 1,000 shares in a listed company, each worth £1 on the day the gift is made, the total value of the gift is £1,000. If the broker’s fee paid by the donor is £50, the total amount of relief available against income is £1,050.

Do you wish to donate shares worth more than £500?

Please call us on 020 7317 7774 with details of your intended gift. We will give you the contact details of our stockbroker and the transaction of shares can then be done through them.

Do you wish to donate shares worth less than £500?

If you would like to make a donation under £500, you can donate shares to ShareGift and mention the Royal Free Charity when you do so. ShareGift is a charity that specialises in accepting donations of smaller share holdings which may not be worth selling on their own. They can be contacted on 020 7930 3737 or through the ShareGift website.

More information

If you would like any further information on donating shares, please contact the fundraising team at  [email protected].

A gift-in-kind is a non-monetary gift of goods or time which help us to support patients through raffle prizes, donations of new toys, books and games and also volunteering time.

Each year we are struck by the generosity Bar Mitzvah and Bat Mitzvah teenagers, schools and individuals who bring donations of new consoles and toys which make such a difference to our patients. It is a long day when you are sick in hospital and particularly so for those on our children’s ward. When you donate such gifts we ask that you complete a gift-in-kind form which notifies us of the value of the gifts so that we can record them in the same way as we record donations.

If you are in a position to donate gifts for our raffles we would be very grateful for your support and would love to hear from you so please contact us and let us know how you can help.

In the case of volunteering we consider your time as one of the most generous gifts and although we will not require you to complete a gift-in-kind form we do keep records of all the volunteer hours provided

Please note that because of infection control being a top priority for patients we are not able to accept donations of items which are not new and in their original packaging. If you have second-hand items you wish to part with you will need to make alternative arrangements or sell the items and you can make a peronal donation to the charity.