Want to make your donations to the Royal Free Charity go 25% further?

We exist to support our hospitals to go further, faster and deliver more world firsts; for the patients they care for locally, and for the care they can impact globally. We cannot possibly achieve this without supporters like you by our side, and we are continually looking for ways to increase our impact together.

The UK government’s Gift Aid scheme allows anyone who is a UK taxpayer to make a Gift Aid declaration, which means we can reclaim tax on your donations. For every pound you give to the Royal Free Charity, we can claim an extra 25p from the government.

With this extra 25%, together, we could enhance staff support services to ensure that every shift feels easier. We could ensure more patients with long-term health conditions are assisted by our support hub. We could fund even more critical research that advances medicine forever – that’s the power of your tick. 

All you have to do is fill in the form below and tick the box to confirm you are happy to apply Gift Aid to all your previous donations and future donations.

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FAQs on Gift Aid

If you allow the Royal Free Charity to claim Gift Aid on your generous donation, this extra funding from the government will allow us to deliver our full range of vital support services for staff and patients across the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust, and to facilitate research and innovation to improve the future of medical care.

Not a problem. Please use the form below to confirm your correct details. We must have your first name, last name and home address to be able to claim Gift Aid on your donations. If you have any questions, please contact us on 020 7317 7772 or email [email protected].


Unfortunately not. For us to be able to identify you as a UK taxpayer, we need your personal home address.

Yes, as long as you have paid the correct amount of tax in that tax year. It must be enough to cover the amount we will claim on your donations in the same year.

We can only claim back tax at the basic rate, but please complete and return the declaration so we can still claim back 25% which helps enormously.

Yes, you’re able to Gift Aid your donations to different charities but you will need to make a Gift Aid declaration for each organisation.

Unfortunately not. Gift Aid can only be applied to personal donations. If you have given a combination of both, we will ensure only your personal donations have Gift Aid applied.