The Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals all have different needs for their different departments. By supporting any of these appeals you are enabling patients to have advanced equipment, enhanced environments and those little extra touches. Any additional funding raised from a particular Appeal will go towards alternative Appeals.

Ante-natal Ultrasound Scanner Appeal

In the ante-natal environment, reducing the time to make an accurate diagnosis is a critical need. Having an Ultrasound scanner in the maternity unit will have a direct impact on the speed of diagnosis and care plan. It enables staff to have clear view of the baby and assist with complication diagnosis. The scanner will mean that parents will be able to get instant results rather than being sent home and having to come back to hospital for high visibility scans the following three days.

How does this help?

The Scanner is used for point of care testing to diagnose:

  • Small babies failing to grow
  • Reduction in fluid around the baby
  • Reduction in blood flow

Help raise £22,500 and help reduce stress and anxiety for parents

Helping Hands Appeal

Bring a smile to children with cancer this Christmas.

Help provide fun activities for children with cancer at Barnet Hospital who are often denied childhood experiences due to their compromised immune system. Children’s entertainers, family days out and extra educational resources are examples of how you can create a child friendly hospital environment.

A child ringing the bell at the end of their cancer treatment is a most significant milestone. Receiving a gift or having a princess or a superhero sharing this moment with them makes this even more special.

£5,000 will help support these activities.

Accuvein Appeal

The Accuvein machine allows the easy viewing of veins to help insert cannulas in children and those with hard to find veins.

This is one of the most exciting new products in recent times. AccuVein is the most effective way to find veins up to 10mm depth in the most difficult patients.  It is already in use in over 4000 hospitals worldwide and is starting to be recognised within UK hospitals. It can be used in many specialties from neonatal care units to cancer units, operating theatres, bariatric surgery centres and phlebotomy labs as well as clinics.

How does this help?

  • Provides clear location of veins
  • Reduces stress in emergencies
  • Reduces infection due to accuracy as research shows that 70% of hospital acquired infections come from multiple attempts to access the venous system of patients. AccuVein could become one of the most important infection prevention products in use today.

With your support we can provide additional accuvein machines for the Royal Free, Barnet and Chase Farm Hospitals. If, as a parent, you have ever needed your child to have a blood test or cannula inserted you will know how distressing it is when several attempts have to be made due to their small veins. This is painful, stressful and upsetting for all. Having an accuvein machine in each department helps all patients and parents benefit. You can make a difference today!

Each machine costs £4,125
The hands freee power stand is an additional £600   (equipment costs from June 2019)

To donate select Name your choice and enter “Accuvein Appeal” on the donation page.