Go Free for Royal Free Charity

Are you looking for a fresh challenge that doesn’t require you to run a marathon or even move from your sofa? Then Go Free for Royal Free Charity is for you. All you’ll need is resilience – and will power!


Because we’re asking you to give up that one thing you love to help the NHS heroes and patients of the Royal Free London NHS Foundation Trust.

It could be cheese, alcohol or chocolate.

It could be binge watching Netflix, playing Call of Duty, or scrolling Instagram.

Think of something it’d be good to take break from and go for it.

And think of the benefits. You could find yourself getting fitter, having more energy, or having more time to invest in hobbies.

Not only that, but the money you raise will help make a difference to our Royal Free family!

We’re hugely grateful for every single donation we get – that’s why unlike other fundraising challenges, there’s no donations target for this one.

Sign up below to the challenge and our fundraising team will get in touch to help you on your journey. Don’t forget to post across your socials to keep us and your supporters up to date.

A big thank you for all you do.

And good luck.

Tell us about your challenge below