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None of us want to end up in A&E. But if the worst does happen – a serious injury or a life-threatening emergency – local NHS teams are there to provide the care we need, day and night. Often sacrificing their own needs, doctors, nurses and support staff work with unwavering
dedication to care for us in the most frightening times.

A&E is a busy, noisy and unpredictable environment. Shifts are long and intense, and taking a restful break is almost impossible. Staff are on their feet for hours on end, and can cover 11 miles on their busiest days. There has been no letup since COVID – in fact, the number of patients arriving in emergency departments has been increasing every month.

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“The staff room is very busy. There’s a rush to get to the comfortable seats and sometimes there’s no space left.”

Iye, Emergency Department Admin

“We’ve had quite difficult times since the pandemic and it is still very busy. Staff feel very exhausted.”

Dr Rachel, Emergency Department Consultant

How you can make a difference:

£10 could help pay for a lightbox to make a windowless room lighter

£25 could help pay for a new fridge freezer

£50 could help pay for a comfortable sofa

£100 could help pay for a sleep pod, for staff to take a rest

Today, you could give emergency department and urgent treatment centre staff the care they need in our three local hospitals: Barnet, Chase Farm and the Royal Free. Funds will always go where they are most needed to support staff, patients and ground-breaking research, helping us go further, faster, for all.

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