The Live Music programme at the Royal Free aims to incorporate live music into daily hospital activity, with the hope of easing the patient experience.

Walking in to hear this beautiful music has me feeling better already

The ability for music to make an individual feel a certain way has been known, understood and researched for centuries. A report published by The All-Party Parliamentary Group on Arts, Health and Wellbeing in 2017 states that ‘visual and performing arts in healthcare environments help to reduce sickness, anxiety and stress’, however ‘the role that engagement in the arts can play…is consistently overlooked’.

The Live Music programme at the Royal Free is a new initiative which was set up by the charity in September 2017 with the hope that these performances will improve the working environment for hospital staff and offer a welcome distraction for family and friends visiting their loved ones.

Live performances

Performances are scheduled to take place in communal areas, including the main reception and discharge lounge, and on many of the wards throughout the hospital. These performances will be widely accessible to patients, family and staff. In the future, we hope to host an annual concert in one of the larger halls or atriums, showcasing the amazing work that will have gone on throughout the year.

Our project

There is a huge range in the type of music performed, and we hope to encompass a wide assortment of musical style, culture and genre. Our artists can choose to come in on a one-off basis or commit more regularly to the project. Although not all are professional musicians, it is essential that all performers involved in the programme are passionate not only about music, but in providing music to individuals who are in need of it most.

Get involved

Although music is the main focus of the programme, there is the opportunity to integrate other performing arts, such as dance, poetry and drama.

If you would like to be involved in the project somehow, please email the team.